4 Ethereum Extensions for Google Chrome

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Everyone loves Google Chrome especially their nifty extensions.

Here are some Chrome extensions for every fan of Ethereum.


One of the most popular Ethereum Wallets is MyEtherWallet. You can download their Chrome extension which will allow you to generate wallets completely on your client side. In addition you can manually unlock wallets using private keys and send Ethereum using your wallets.

MyEtherWallet on Chrome Store


MetaMask is essential if you want to use dApps which are built on the Ethereum network. The wildly popular CryptoKitties requires MetaMask to run so it’s a must have for anyone using Chrome.

MetaMask on Chrome Store

ETH Ticker Price Checker

If you’re addicted to checking the price of Ethereum (it’s okay we are too) the ETH Ticker extension for chrome is sure to feed your addiction.

ETH ticker will also let you setup price alerts and select Kraken or Poloniex as your prefered exchange.

ETH Ticker Price Checker on Chrome Store

Ledger Wallet

If you store your Ethereum in the Ledger Nano S hard wallet the Ledger Wallet extension is a requirement to manage and send ETH.

Ledget Wallet (ETH) on Chrome Store

Just remember to be extra cautious when installing Chrome extensions for Ethereum. Some have malicious intent; such as changing ETH addresses on web pages or even try to send your Ethereum to hackers.

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