How to Buy Ethereum (ETH)

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The ethereum blockchain uses a cryptocurrency called ether for financial transactions. You can purchase ether through a broker or you can earn ether by mining. This article will focus on the steps you can take to purchase ether using US dollars.


Coinbase is the best option for trading ether. They have a simple user interface, quick setup, and reasonable fees.  Connecting to your bank will result in higher trade limits but will take 5 days to settle. Using your credit card is fast but has lower limits and a higher fee. The limits are based on the age of your account, transaction history, and verification status. Coinbase also supports Bitcoin and Litecoin trading with plans to add more cryptocurrencies in the future.

  1. Create an account on Coinbase
  2. Add a payment method (bank or credit card)
  3. Click on the Buy/Sell tab then select ethereum


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